Constitution Day and Treasures Unit 1 Week 5 Freebie

Hey guys! Sorry this is late getting out there, but I wanted to share it with you.  I have not been able to put together any big Treasures pack lately, but here is a little something to add to your lessons.  My kids loved the blends booklet!  I am working on some ideas for Unit 2 stuff so be on the lookout.  My sales at my Teachers Notebook Shop have been great and I can't wait to give my mom the earnings when she comes to visit this weekend.  We are doing a 5k for Ovarian Cancer this weekend.  I will be sure to take lots of pics and post them over the weekend. Thanks to everyone that posted about my sale or bought an item to help Ovarian Cancer research, it means a lot!

Since we are a Title I school we have to be sure to add Constitution Day activities into lessons.  I always have a hard time finding things to do for this because my kiddos are so young and it's hard for them to grasp this concept.  However, this year I found some great ideas from Lesson Plan SOS and Kindergarten Crayons .  Here are some pictures of the things we have done so far.  I decided to create a classroom constitution together.  The kids were put into groups of 4 and had to come up with 5 important rules for our classroom.  We came together and voted on our top 5 as a class.  The following day we learned about our countries symbols and made our American Flag chart and writings.  We also made our handprint flag to put our class constitution on and we all signed it.  It's in the hall way now, but it will be hung in the classroom later.  I felt that my kids really have a good understanding this year!!!  Thanks for all the great ideas.


  1. where can we find the unit 5 resources?

  2. Oooops! Long day! I didn't link it the first time...we are all good now. Just click the picture. Sorry

  3. I just found your blog! It's darling. I could stay on here all night. Can you email me your spice up your writing labels?
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas,