Unit 1 Week 1 Tresures Freebie

I promised myself this summer that I would try to plan ahead.  I have created a few little activities that I plan to use with Treasures for the first week of unit 1.  I am not a fan of the basal worksheets and will do just about anything I can to teach the concept with games and reinforcement centers instead.  Hope fully this will be helpful for those of you that use Treasures and if not maybe there are a few things in this packet you can still use. 

I plan on getting some of my class pictures up before the weekend is over.  I feel like I have been working like crazy.  I am having to change my room order a bit because I got this AMAZING Promethean board that I can't wait to use.  I plan to post a lot of my creations for free at my Teachers Notebook Shop, so be on the lookout.  I hope everyone's classroom is coming along.  Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.   
This Unit Includes:
- short a bingo
- short a apple tree sort
- add an S student book
- Writng graphic organizer
-Writing checklist bookmark
-Vocabuary sheet and activity/display


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is great! We use Treasures in my school, and I feel the same as you about basal worksheets.


  2. I agree with Mrs. Richling! Thanks so much!SaylorsLog

  3. I love this but I teach Kindergarten Treasures.. Might you know anyone out there in blogland or at your school that is doing what you are for Kindergarten???
    I would be soooo greatful for the help.
    I would love this for my program.