Promethean Board

We ended the year with some great news!  Our end of year faculty meeting consisted of everyone (yes everyone) receiving one of these envelopes below.  We all opened them at the same time and the surprise was huge.  We all will be getting Promethean Boards for the next school year.  Yea!!  I taught 5th grade for two years with a Smart Board, so I have been missing the technology deeply.  I am planning on creating some great templates this summer that I will post as I create them.  I may have to post these on TPT because you can download active inspire. 

On a side note I will also be posting a fun fishing for addition (A Doubles Game) idea tomorrow.  My PDF convert is being silly today, so I will post it at my school.  It is a very cute idea to go with the game, Let’s Go Fishing!  Be on the look out!

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