Comprehension Cubes

I think I hit the jackpot while shopping at Michaels.  In their dollar deal bins I spotted these cute little mini tissue boxes.  The great thing about them is that they are a perfect square.  They are perfect for homemade dice.

I use The Daily 5 in my classroom and thought these would be a good tool for my kids who choose read to a buddy.  After they are finished reading they can roll the dice and answer some of the questions.  The best part is that your dice aren’t $10 they are only $2!  I have attached a printable for the comprehension questions I made to go with the cubes.  I’m going to make some more for math too.  I will post those when they are finished.

I would recommend printing the questions on card stock and
laminating them before gluing them to the cube.  I would also recommend using a hot glue gun.

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