Buzzing for Good Behavior

This is just a fun little behavior management system I use in my classroom.  When I tried to find a system that would work for me I wanted something that could be fair and make an impact on my students’.  I found this to be the best so far.  I love it because it gives the students’ a visual and also because their day isn’t “over” because of one bad choice.  Just because a student moves their bee doesn’t mean it stays there for the whole day.  They have the opportunity to work hard for the remainder of the day to have a chance to move their bee back to the hive.

          I have attached some pictures of my behavior board and my behavior contract that gets sent home the first week of school.  I did get this idea originally from one of favorite teachers, Mrs. Nelson.  Her link is on the left side of my blog.  She has a frog them and did a lilly pad instead of a bee hive.  I switched it up to match my theme ans made it work for me.  You could do the same!

If you would like a copy of my bee-havior contract that I send home to parents' please let me know and I can e-mail it to you.  It is not a PDF format.  I created it in Microsoft Word.

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