Fruit Snack Fun and Nurses Day

     I love to find fun ways to teach with food and I think I found another good catch at the store the other day. I bought two boxes of the Scrabble fruit snacks and used them for a word work activity.  I have done this before with Scrabble Cheez-It, but I loved how these were already in bags.  My kids loved recording all their letters and making words.  They made it into a bit of a contest to see who could come up with the most words.  I made a printable to go with this, but the one pictured is one I had to cut and paste to make work on short notice.  I feel bad because I can't even remember where I got it from.  Anyway there is a link below to print out my recording form.

I also wanted to share a cute idea I did for Nurse’s Day last week.  It is hard to find cute ideas for this special day.  Our nurse is amazing and I wanted to give her a little themed basket.  I found a ton of cupcake themed things at JoAnns in the dollar bin.  I filled it full of cupcake post-its, cupcake pencils, candy, a cupcake scented candle, and vanilla frosting scented lotion.  I also put a water bottle and peach tea packets in it too.  I loved the tag I made that said, "You're Tea-rific."  I got the tea-rific graphic and the large cupcake from Lettering Delights.


  1. I love the scrabble fruit snacks! Where did you buy them?

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  2. I got them at Schnucks in St. Louis and they were on sale 2 for $4.00. I am sure they sell them at most major stores.