Sight Word Checkers

This is a short and sweet post.  I have been trying to find fun ways to get my kids excited about sight words.  I know….this isn’t exactly an easy task.  I have found that changing board games into sight words games has worked.  I first used Sarah Cooley’s idea at First Grader at Last.  She took a Candy Land game and placed sight words on each color card.  This is genius!  My kids love to play the sight word edition.  Click the link above to see her idea.  My kids love it.
I recently bought a few checkers board games at the Dollar Tree in hopes to use them in my class to teach spelling words or sight words.  Here is what I did.  I placed sight words from our Treasures series throughout the board.  The kids play it the same as regular checkers, but they must say the sight word correctly to place their move on the board.  This is now a new favorite work on words choice for Daily 5 time and it only cost a dollar!  Gotta love a good deal.  Happy Monday!

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