ABC Countdown

I know myself and my kiddos are starting to get super excited about summer break, so I always do a little something to make the time fly by even faster.  I do a special countdown to summer with activities related to the alphabet.  I call it Mrs. Blackmon’s ABC Countdown!  This is something I love, but can’t take credit for.  Mrs. Pemberton next door shared this with me last year and I am pretty sure I will be using this for a long time.
I have attached a copy of my ABC countdown to give you an idea of what we do for each day.  I have also created a document for one of the days (Letter M- Memory Book).  Below are some bulleted blogs with ideas to use for some of the letter days on the calendar.  I hope this makes the rest of your school year fly by!
·        Suddenly Second Graders (Art and Bubble Gum Day) They have a really cute writing activity to go with bubble gum and it could also double as an art project too. 
·        For C we do a lot of bucket filling activities.  We use the compliment cards to give to our classmates and read the bucket filling children’s book.  I plan on implementing bucket filling into my classroom next year!  See a link below for the compliment cards.
·        What the Teacher Wants (Experiment Day)  We are going to use her cute Dancing Raisins Experiment.  It is free, cute, and my students’ will love it….SOLD!

                                 Click here to download
     I have posted a link below for the photo memory page I made.  I don’t know why, but my cute font isn’t coming through on Google Docs.  If you want me to email you a “cuter” font copy just let me know.  Sorry about that!  Here is the link any way.  I usually print off a lot of pictures from events and activities throughout the year and let them pick a few to write about.

Memory Book Page


  1. Great ideas! I would love if you would email me the document with the "cuter" font. Thanks so much!


  2. I just realized that the photo memory page is titled "1st Grade Memories." I'm sorry, I teach 2nd grade. Is it an easy fix??? If so, would that change be possible? If not, I understand, and thanks for the offer anyway.


  3. Love this idea! Love your photo memory page - do you have it for Kindergarten? :)
    Crayons and Curls