Handwriting King and Queen

Let’s be honest, when it comes to handwriting it isn’t much fun to teach and the kids aren’t huge fans either.  I have found a great way to motivate my kiddos.  I set a timer for 10 minutes.  They must work their hardest and take pride in their work for the whole 10 minutes before they can turn it in.  After they complete a page I decide who the handwriting king and queen are.  These are the children that had the best handwriting that day or the best effort. I present each child with a top hat for the king and a crown for the queen.  They love this because they get to wear them all day, not just during handwriting. 

Another thing I use is Smencils.  These are great motivators for the kids.  They actually like these more then smelly stickers.  I let the king and queen use these on their handwriting page.  You can buy these at most craft stores and can also order them online.
I have also provided a cute handwriting award to send home to the child's parent.  These are a great form of communication and the kids and parents love them!

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