Fun with Crayons

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the broken crayons or the ones you find on the floor after a long day of teaching?  I collected all the crayons for a few weeks and had just enough to make recycled rainbow crayons.  One of my students’ choices for work on words is to rainbow write their spelling words, so these cute crayons were a great edition, plus they are Easter eggs.  The kids loved these!   

From broken crayons to a wonderful (free) creation

I also added something fun to go with the whole crayon theme.  Our focus in phonics this week is long a.  I created a cute word sort with a crayon theme.  Click the picture below to download!


  1. I love this...I use to make them with my Brownie group, thanks for the refresher...I never would have thought to put them into the Easter egg molds!

  2. I know and you can get the molds pretty cheap when they run sales. I got mine at Joann's. If you are an educator you get 15% off your ENTIRE purchase. I love to go there!