Early Start to Easter

I love going shopping at every craft store known to man and it is hard to not think about Easter ideas with all the cute stuff they have out.  I decided to grab a few things while I was out that I couldn’t resist.  I found these darling foam Easter baskets in a pack of 5 for only $2.50 at Michaels. I created a cute little word sort station for work on words or even a small group.  The Easter egg printable and recording sheets are available for download.  Feel free to switch up the eggs to better fit your focus for the week. 
Another cute idea I thought of was a “Rhyming Rabbits” game.  I bought a package of large plastic Easter eggs, a cute basket, and some of that green grass.  I labeled all the eggs with word endings and made adorable little rabbits with words on them.  The students’ draw a rabbit and figure out which egg the rabbit belongs too.  This reinforces word endings and rhyming skills, plus it is so cute!  I can’t wait to introduce it to my kiddos.  I place a link below to the download for the rabbits.  Hope you can find some use in this cute idea.


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