Character Education

            I’m always trying to find cute ways to teach different character traits and display them throughout the school.  I recently read the story Big Al to my kiddos.  After reading the book we discussed what qualities a good friend has. The story is really cute and the kids loved it.  This is one of my favorite picture books to teach good character.
After reading and discussing the story I had my kids draw another student’s name.  The students’ had to write their name on a cut-out hand and name 5 qualities that make that person a good friend.  I took the hands and made a cute hallway display. 

Another thing I started doing this year was character karate.  I have a closet door decorated for this display because I am running out of space in my room for my ideas (go figure).  Each child has a hook with a ring on it.  My kids can earn their bead (kind of like a belt) when they display good character.  The chart in the middle of my door has every character trait listed on it and all my students’ names.  This is the easiest way I have found to track it.
It is the students’ job (my character team for the week) to catch kids showing good character.  When they catch someone showing good character they fill out one of the forms below and give it to me.  When a child has earned 3 stars or caught being good character forms for one of the traits they earn the colored bead for that trait. Hopefully the pictures can help with understanding! 
           Character Card Download

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  1. What a great way to use peer pressure for something good! Thanks for the picture and the form, I think it is great!