Friday Favorites - Book Feature & Freebie

Can I just say I may have stumbled across my new favorite read-aloud.  This has become one of my top favorites for many reasons.  We have just finished up our unit over animal and plant adaptations and in this unit we cover verbs, compare and contrast, hibernation, and introduce making predictions.  Well, this book has it ALL! I actually went into our school library looking for a Mo Willems book and came across this by accident.  I had no idea that he even wrote this book!

This is a cute story about a City Dog and a Country Frog.  It goes through the seasons and as the seasons pass the two become great friends, teaching each other new tricks from their different home lives.  The book is great for predicting at various points in the story.  For example, when winter comes Dog can't find Frog anymore.  The kids all used their schema here to predict that frog was hibernating and would return in the spring.  Then spring comes and Dog doesn't find Frog, but instead a chipmunk.  The best part in the last page where you think that the Dog finally finds Frog, but he doesn't.  You actually never find out what happened to Frog.  My kids were so upset about this that they decided to write the author for a second book involving what really happened to the frog.  Throughout the read-aloud I hit compare and contrast over the two characters, verbs, predicting, and even hit hibernation all in a 15 minute mini-lesson!!!

Click the book cover below for a link to a few freebies to use with this 

You could even visit Mo Willems website for more activities and ideas. 

Happy teaching & enjoy your weekend! 


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