Construction Stations: Caution Learning Zone

It is getting to be that time of year for my kiddos.  They are chatty, off task, and often I wonder if they are even getting anything I am teaching.  I however came up with some pretty clever ideas to keep my kids excited to learn and engaged.  One of the activities I set up last week was our construction zone center time.  We have been learning a lot about tricky endings and multi-syllable words and the kids are being tested over them this week in our Pathways to Reading Program. This was the perfect opportunity to create the Construction Zone.
I set this up when my kids were at recess, so they came in to see a fun flip of our classroom.  Needless to say they were excited and ready to learn! I set up 4 stations complete with hard hats, task, cards, and construction theme projects based on multi-syllable words.  Check out how I set it up below.

Center 1: Can You Dig It?
This was a student favorite! The kids had to dig in plastic mulch to find rocks with multi-syllable words.  They had to read the word, record it, and use it in a sentence. This required them to actually apply it, not just read it. 

Center 2: Climb the Ladder
This center was a partner game.  Each pair of partners had a ladder, dice, and two clothespins.  They took turns rolling their dice and climbing the ladder of multi-syllable words.  They had to read each word correctly to stay on their spot.  The first student to reach to top of the ladder was the winner. 

Center 3: Syllable Builder
They had to work together in pairs to match the picture Mega Blocks to the correct # tower for the syllables.  They built three different towers for 1, 2, and 3 syllable words and then recorded their answers on the recording form.  

Center 4: Build-It Words
This job required lots of work! I had them work together in a team of 4 to put together 2 and 3 syllable words using PVC pipe.  The pipes were already pre-made with labels to build words.  I made labels to go on each piece and they had to put them together to form real words. Example: pa/per or af/ter/noon.  I made it a little easier by having them separated into two bag (one for 2 syllable words) and (one for 3 syllable words).  They had to successfully make all 2 syllable words before moving onto the 3 syllable words.

I got all of my hats on Amazon for 13.00 for a pack of 24 and you can also get most of the materials needed at any Home Depot or Lowes.  Many of them will also donate to their local schools!

You can grab all of the printouts needed below. Click on each link to download the different parts.  I apologize this isn’t one document, but I came up with this over the weekend and it was very last minute. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Climb the Ladder Topper – Coming Soon!



  1. Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

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