Love it In the Air...New Units & a FREEBIE!!!!

I am so excited to write this post, mainly because my procrastination is a thing of the past! I actually finished a lot of ideas that I have wanted to do for a LONG time.  I have posted two new activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop.  I figured I would get them up and posted before the BIG SALE on January 20th-21st.  I will be having all of my units on sale for 15% off, so if you can wait a few more days you can score a deal!

So here they are….
I created the multi-syllable unit to go with our Pathways to Reading program.  I love this program for reading and phonics, but it lacks a lot of small group resources and games to go with the strategies taught.  You will find a lot of fun activities in this unit. 

You can get this by visiting my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop or clicking the picture below.

I am recently started doing math small groups and centers during 15 minutes of my math time 4 days a week.  This was the best idea for reinforcing those tricky strategies that Eureka Math uses.  Since this is our first year with the program none of my kiddos had any prior lessons to help understand these concepts easier so it has been tricky.  I made this Broken Heart Number Puzzle activity as one of the math buckets for the month of February.  This helps to increase their number sense for number 10-20 and it also allows for higher level thinking strategies since it is a puzzle and they are having to find the pieces that fit and match the number being represented.   This is also available in my Teachers PayTeachers Shop for $1.50 and will also be on sale for 15% off January 20-21.

Now for the BEST part of the post…..your FREEBIE!!! This is a fun small group activity to review long vowel sounds.  BUZZ! Long Vowel Bingo cover the vowel sounds i_e, ee, ea, oa, o_e, ai, ay, a_e.  This would be great for a February lesson review.  This includes 5 boards and all the bumble bee word cards.  The only thing you have to do is print it and grab some of those Conversation Hearts as markers. 

You can grab your FREEBIE here!!!

Check back in a few days for a list of some of my favorite questioning mentor texts and a freebie for an anchor chart.  I am also almost finished with my Unit 5 Small Group Resources!



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