It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas.....

I feel like I have so much to blog about!  This last week before break crept up on me and I have been so busy with stocking decorating, Christmas crafts, and end of the quarter grades that I have forgot to post up all of our fun class activities.  So, here is my crazy Christmas post that I promise to make quick.  

We started off our month with our yearly stocking decorating for good ole St. Nicholas.  I love this and the kids love this.  St. Nicholas came and dropped off lots of goodies for all the kiddos this year.  I loved our fake fireplace.

It wasn’t all fun and games these past two weeks.  WE HAD A LOT OF END OF QUARTER TESTING TO FINISHING UP. UGH! I would much rather stick with the fun and throw the testing out but I understand that it is needed. We worked on comparing and contrasting and we did my ever so popular snowmen venn diagrams.  I am sure you remember these from Christmas posts in the past.  I love these and they make the cutest hallway displays. You can catch this previous blog post here

One of our new focuses this week were verbs past and present.  My main goal was to continue to teach as long as I could until break and keep the kids engaged and learning.  I am happy to report I did pretty darn well this year.  The big kicker was to have lots of Christmas theme, fun activities that kept them busy and learning.  The verb trees were a hit and the kids understood the concept.  They colored the past tense verbs yellow and present tense red.  Made their own trees (even threw in a mini math lesson on symmetry) and glues the ornaments on.  They picked a verb and used it in a sentence correctly depending on the tense and added so extra Christmas goodies around and on their trees.  I loved the engagement and the amount of teaching/learning that was hit in under 30 minutes.  Gotta love it!

This activity is a free download for my teacher friends.
Grab Your Freebie here.

We are ending our week this week with a Polar Express PJ party and hot cocoa followed by our Christmas party in the afternoon.  Brave I knowbut I figured I would just fit all the crazy into one day.  I love how my gold tickets turned out this year.  Can’t wait for the kids to see them with their bells in the morning. 

I saw this pic on Facebook from a blogger friend and had to share.  If tomorrow isn’t your last day.JUST KEEP ON SURVIVING!



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