Getting Funded & a FREBBIE!

This past week has been a great week!  T created a Donor’s Choose project a few weeks ago trying to get 25 stability balls for my classroom.  I know what your thinking….a bunch of first graders “using” balls as chairs, yea right.  I was so happy to find out that not only did my project get funded but in record time (1 week to be exact).  This was the fastest funding I have ever received.  I was happy and in shock at the same time.  I really am going to give up my chairs and go full in with these balls. 

I have read so many articles on the effects movement has on the brain and how core strength plays a huge factor in student attention and engagement.  It really does explain a lot.  when I think of my room full of 7 year olds I know that they NEED to move!

Well all of my 25 stability balls got delivered last week.  I spent the first week going over how we use them and the rules.  We only used them in small group for practice and so far they have done awesome.  On Friday I stayed after school to blow up all the balls and get rid of my student chairs.  They were pretty excited to see them when they walked in today.  I will keep you posted on how this new change is going.

Last week our school hosted a K-1 collaboration and one of the topics presented was over math centers and fitting it in.  This is a struggle for me because our new Eureka math program requires a full hour block, so centers get pushed to the side.  I have decided to pick and choose a little with the program to allow for small group math time 3 days a week and centers 3 days a week. 

I am planning on doing math buckets and having simple math games and activities for each bucket.  The buckets rotate so I only have to change them out every couple weeks.  Here is an activity I made to go in one of the buckets. I got the idea from I created a simple recording form to go with this.  Feel free to grab a copy by clicking on the picture or link below.

I’m in the works of finally finishing up my Multi syllable word monster unit.  This has been procrastination at it’s finest.
Here is a quick peek! 


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