Eureka Math Madness

Our district decided to take a last minute leap this year and make the move to Eureka Math. We have been using Saxon Math since I have been there for over 5 years and this program is VERY different from what we are used to.  I have been making supplemental games and activities to use with our A+ tutor and also to help out as a whole group activity before test day.  Here is a little number sense and number bond freebie that fits perfectly with Module 1 of first grade Eureka Math.  All the graphics are from Graphics From The Pond.


Copy the puzzle pieces and laminate. I cut them apart and bag them ahead of time and make copies of the student page.  This could be done individually or as a partner activity.  They have to match the picture piece to the counting on piece and then create a number bond and number sentence to match. 

I really do like this program, but the rigor is much more intense then the Saxon program. The lessons take a really long time to complete (1 hour) which can make it difficult for the students to hold attention, so having an activity like the one above throughout the week is nice to get a change of pace, while still working on key skills. 

I plan on posting more of these freebies and would love any ideas that other teachers may use with this program. 


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