Peek At My Week & Syllable Freebie

I finally decided it was time to take the leap and create visual lesson plans.  I am not doing this because they “look pretty” even though they do.  I am doing this because they are time saving, it is helping me stay organized, and I am a visual learner!  This seemed to be the best fit for me.  I know they aren’t perfect, but this is my first set ever and I am pretty excited about how they turned out.  I didn’t add in all the times for my specials because ours is pretty much all over the place.  I did add in my small group resources for the week and also my math intervention activities.  I am still VERY NEW to all of this and am unsure of the whole hyperlink thing.  I did create hyperlinks in my Power Point plans but am not sure if they will link up through Google Docs.  Any tips here would help me out greatly.

You can view/download these plans by clicking here.

I am also introducing multi-syllable words this week in our Pathways to Reading program.  I created a cute “beat box” to use during my small group meet up for my red and yellow groups.  If you see “beat boxes” in my small group plans this is what they are.  Each child will get a beat box card and markers for the beats.  You flip over a picture card and the student counts the beats using their beat box and markers.  This is very similar to sound boxes but the beat box is to help them remember their beats not sounds.  This can be tricky for my little ones to differentiate between the two.

Excuse the fact that they are on resume paper and not in color.  Nothing like running out of card stock and colored ink on the same day! Ugh. They are way cuter in color and you can grab a copy of them for FREE by clicking the images above or at my TpT store here. 

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