MLK & Buddy Vowel Freebie

Gosh!  I sure love my three-day weekends and I was pretty bummed to go back today.  I really love all the time I get to soak up with my little love bug.  I decided that in honor of my little love bug I would make a love bug game to go along with all my Valentine’s Day themed work-on-words Daily 5 centers.  This is the perfect game to reinforce those tricky buddy vowels.  This game focuses mainly on ee/ea and ai/ay. The best part about this game is that your kids will love it, they will learn, and it is FREE!  You can snag this freebie by clicking on the picture below. 

If you haven’t already become a Facebook follower of The Weekly Hive I encourage you to do so.  I actually have found that it is much easier for me to manage and I post more frequently on Facebook. You can follow me by clicking the link below.

I managed to get enough time between last Friday and today to teach the kiddos about MLK.  Every year I read Martin’s Big Words.  I love this book and the adjectives and vocabulary is amazing!  We also watch a wonderful Brain Pop Video that is free that gives a short 5 minute video over his accomplishments and then a 5 question quiz.

I did a post over our MLK dream writing and thinking bubbles.  These are always a cute hallway display and the kids really melt my heart with what their dreams are.  They write a dream for their mom, the school, and out world.  This year I had one that really hit me hard.  There was a little boy who lost his father at a young age and his wish for the world was to let his dad come down from heaven. Precious beyond words. If you know who made the cute writing page please tell me.  I can't remember to give her credit.  

For my Treasures Reading followers I will be finishing up my Unit 4 Small Group bundle this week.  I only have about 15 pages left! Check back soon and have a wonderful week and TEACH ON!
Coming Soon!!!!



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