Parent Resource Wall & Published Writing

This week was so busy with parent teacher conferences, our school fun run for St. Jude, and assemblies galore. It was a very rewarding week to see all those adorable smiles.  Here are some pictures from our small moments publishing party.  We had a fake fire going on the smart board, s'more bars (Pinterest is amazing), and we built a huge fort for fun.  The kids got to share their stories and have a little treat in the fort before sharing stories around our campfire. 

The kids loved this so much!  They are already asking what we are going to do for our next publishing party. Don’t you just love this?  Click the picture below for the easiest s'more recipe below. 

Pictures from our party.....

I was busy with preparing for conferences and I knew I wanted to create a parent resource wall with tips, flashcards, ideas and activities to do at home. Well, after a little bit of time and a lot of research this is what I came up with.  The parents really seemed to use it throughout the night and I plan on changing out activities monthly so there can be actual focus activities on things we have introduced for extra practice. 

What things do you love to do for parent teacher conferences??? Please share!


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