Comic Book Common Core

You know that feeling you get where you are treading above water?  Well, that has been me lately.  All you vets out there that can juggle being a wife, mom, and wonderful teacher…well you are saints.  I feel like it is so hard to be 100% at them all.  Lately I have picked family and being a mom as my top priority and I have neglected my teaching blog.  I have a lot to blog about, but I will try my hardest to post something up once a week.  

I am really excited to share my Common Core Comic Cook Unit.  My kids LOVED this so much!  Check out some of the pics from the week and skip over to my shop to get this awesome unit for just $4.00. 

The superhero writing was a lot of fun.  Putting their heads on superheros made them look like bobble heads.  I had tons of parents love these during my conferences.  

 Sequencing Comic Books are perfect for any sequencing activity.  They got to decorate the books with color and then sequence the events from the story "Charlie Superhero Underpants".  The story is very cute and funny.

This was by far the kids favorite activity of the whole unit!  The Contraction Capes were a huge hit.  The lightning bolts were the "apostrophe" marks.  Super cute.

 POW! Punctuation Activity is perfect for a whole group lesson or a center.

Grab this fun unit over at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. 

I will be posting a few freebies this weekend.  Many will work great with phonics and small groups. Plus a character education picture book list that will AMAZE you.  I went to a character conference and everyone there wrote the picture book they love to use in their room for character ed and the trait it covers.  The list is a great reference for your classroom lessons. 


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