It's Raining, It's Pouring! Weather Writing

     This will be a short but sweet post.  Last week our theme in Treasures was weather and I needed a more interesting writing lesson than the one provided.  I am not a fan of the Treasures writing prompts at all. I looked on Pinterest first and found an idea I liked and decided to put my own twist on it and create a printable to go with it.  I hate it when I find an activity I love with pictures and no printable, so there is a printable if you want it!

This book is great about explaining lots f different types of weather in one easy read.

     After reading about all different types of weather the students were asked to draw a weather window of their favorite type of weather.  When they finished they had to fill out the graphic organizer about their type of weather using descriptive or action words.  They transferred their thoughts onto their lined paper to create their final draft.  The kids really liked this unit and loved the writing activity.  Since we all finished our writing on time I treated them to a fun cloud science project paired with a cloud video also seen on Pinterest.  The kids loved it!  To make it more educational I made them write about what they learned about clouds and rainfall from the video and project. It turned out to be a great week.  Here are some pictures from our week and your freebies. 

This experiment was very easy and the kids thought it was fun.  You need clear cups, clouds (shaving cream), blue food color (rain).  When you put the blue food coloring on the shaving cream it soaks through the cloud and rains into the water. 


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  1. Awesome! These printables will complement our "Weather" unit nicely. Thank you for sharing for free!!