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Welcome back to a soon to be new school year.  If you are anything like me I’m sure you are excited and bummed at the same time.  As the days go by, so does my sanity.  Thank goodness I am still finding time to soak up some sun at the pool before I will be back in the classroom getting things ready. 
As most of you know I am in love with Daily 5 and Café in the classroom.  I went to see those lovely sisters in Chicago last year and fell in love with the whole program.  

I have been trying for the past year to set up Daily 5 math in my classroom but nothing has seemed to work.  While pinning on Pinterest I came across a program called B.U.I.L.D. from Adventures in Teaching.  If you have not visited her I highly recommend you do.  Her ideas are inspiring.  I have decided to try B.U.I.L.D. in my room this year and I have made some games and printables I plan to use. 
 Here are the signs I made to go on my buckets.  I got the idea from Cassie’s buckets but I needed to make my signs go with the color scheme in my room.  You can download your signs by clicking on the picture below.  I am loving the lime green and teal colors this year and there is so much of it everywhere. 
I also love the independent read component of B.U.I.L.D. because it gets the kids reading and thinking about different math concepts.  To hold them accountable for their reading I created a math journal for them to write about what they read.  I love this because they are using writing in math!!!  Download yours for free by clicking below.

 This next game I made to go in the Learning About Numbers bucket because it’s easy to do, it can last all year so you don’t have to change it out, and it can be done independently.  Roll,  Write, Solve is simple and all you need to have is this worksheet, 2 number dice, and an operations dice with (+ and -).  I love this package because the dice are foam (not noisy) and it has all the operations and numbers in one.  The best part is it’s only $5. 

You can find the link here.
Click the image below to get your free copy of this simple center.
 I hope you find this post helpful.  This is my last week before I am back in the classroom getting things ready.  I plan to post up lots of pictures of my room and new DIY ideas I plan on doing in my class.  Check back soon and enjoy whats left of your summer.  Here is a little truth to what I did a lot this summer.  


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