Mosquito Madness and Tricky Ending Word Hunt

     I am long overdue for a good post, so here goes.  I have been so busy with school, my husbands 30th birthday BBQ, (which was a success) and parent teacher conference prep work that I have slacked big time on posts.  I will be posting a few times this week, so I don't have a super long post tonight.  I have so many things to share, but I don't want to be typing until late tonight. 
      All of the things I am posting today are things I created last year and over the summer, but am just know getting to use because of timing with my lessons.  My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE word hunts and this one was one of their favorites.  We have being really working hard the past couple weeks on tricky endings in our Pathways lessons, so I made the cutest and fun activity to help them get exposed to seeing and reading words with the endings le, ture, tion.  I explained to the kids that they were going to be detectives and their mission was to find all the words with the tricky ending -tion.  They were given these cute magnifying glasses and were sent off hunting.    

 When they found the word they had to read it, write it on their recording form, and hunt on!

    This activity is available at my teachers notebook shop.  It is part of my Pathways Power Pack Unit.  This unit is great even if you don't teach with Pathways in your school.  It has everything from h brother bingo (sh, th, ch, wh), -qu beginning sounds game, spot the vowel games, er, ir, ur four in row partner games, and much more.  Stop by my shop to check it out! 
     Click the picture below to get a copy of your magnifying glass.  I made it able to edit, so if you want the kids to hunt for math facts, vowels, or letters you can change the wording on the handle. Google docs has been goofy, so let me know if you can't open it. 
      We were also super busy this week reviewing for our unit 4 Treasures test, so sight word review was a must.  I created this fun mosquito swat game this summer and thought it would be perfect to break out during my RTI small group time and tutoring.  It was a huge hit!  Summer is right around the corner, so the mosquito theme worked well.  Check out the video footage from our small group session. 

 This is a sight word game I created using all of the Treasures Reading Series sight words.  You can purchase this activity at my Teachers Notebook Shop.  All you need is some excited kids and some fly swatters.  I promise this will be a huge hit.  My kids have asked me everyday after when we are going to do it again. 
     I will be posting again in the next couple days with more goodies from my last couple weeks.  These will include some neat ideas for classroom meetings, popsicle punctuation freebie and much more.  Check back soon!!!



  1. Tag! You're it! Hop on over to my blog to play.
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I just stumbled upon your cute blog! Love the cool colors and can't wait to look around. I also teach first grade. Stop by sometime.


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