Sweet Synonyms & Valentine Writing Freebie!

Well I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day, so I am loving my lesson plans lately.  I just recently finished my synonym mini unit and plan to use it this month since February is the month of love.  Be sure to stop by Teachers Notebook Shop to check out the unit.  For only 3 bucks you can get this for your classroom.  The unit includes a synonym match up center with work page, bingo game, a list of my favorite picture books to teach synonyms, and a printable  student book for synonyms. 
Here's a sneak peak at some of the pages:

Last week we did a cute writing activity called, “Owl” Always Love You.  I really liked this writing because I am turning it into a Valentines Day gift for my parents and the writing turned out really good.  Owls are in right now and the clip art is so gosh darn cute.  I can’t get enough of them!

Click the template below for your copy!

We had our Valentine parties on Friday, so I am pretty pumped that it is over.  The kids were so crazy on Friday.  I am pretty sure I had 5 kids ask to hand out Valentines before lunch count was even taken.  I did feel pretty special though.  I got showered with chocolates, flowers, cards, and all kinds of goodies.
 My kids wrote all the things they love about me around my name and laminated it for me to hang up. SWEETNESS!



  1. That sign is too cute! :) Love your blog! Newest follower!


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