Starry Night Sight Word Freebie!

I am so happy to be blogging tonight.  I swear it is a stress reliever for me.  I am having a nice glass of wine and blogging my heart out...and checking out some Pinterest pins.  Have you ever been laying in bed and hits you.?  That happened to me the other night.  I have been trying to find fun ways to review these sight words with my kids. Lets be honest there really isn’t anything fun about learning words that really don’t play fair phonemically.  Any who here’s what I came up with. ….Starry Night Sight Words!

My first idea was to buy glow in the dark stars and then write the sight words on them, but it is really hard to find bags of only large stars., so that idea was out pretty fast.  Instead, I just Google image searched stars and printed a bunch off.  Then, I bought glow in the dark puff paint.  I outlined the stars and painted the unit sight words on the stars.  If you haven’t used glow in the dark puff paint it is pretty amazing and really cheap ($2.00).

After the stars were made I blacked out my classroom windows with black bulletin board paper.  I placed all the stars in the sky (ceiling) and the kids brought flashlights and pillows to watch the stars.  They LOVED this!!!  They are already asking when we will be doing it again.  When they were watching the stars they had the recording sheet below to record the words they spotted. 
Excuse the pictures...they are not the best quality.

Some prefered desks, while others wanted to get comfy....

Here is an example of the recording sheet.  You can download your copy by clicking the image below.
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  1. What a cute idea! I love it! That is going on my to-do list.

    Krazy About Kiddos

  2. That's fantastic!! But I think shining only has one n. ;)

  3. Hi Lauren, Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Top 10 Blog Award. Come by my blog and check it out.