Are You Ready For Some Football?

       I am pretty excited that I have found a few minutes to actually sit down, breathe, and blog.  I have been sooo busy at home and school this week.  We had our character visit on Thursday, so we will find out on the 8th if we receive the state school of character award.  Keep your fingers crossed.  It the hustle and bustle of all this week I have some how misplaced my camera..ugh.  This pretty much means that my next couple posts may not be that great without all the wonderful photos.  As soon as I find it I will be posting like crazy.  I have a ton..I mean a TON of really cute character ed displays I would love to share with you.  Our teachers have some pretty awesome ideas, so hopefully you can use some of them throughout your school too. 

    I had a little bit of time this week in my day to plan a couple cute football theme lessons.  One of the ladies in my building came up with a super cute way to teach character, work on writing, and make a fun display.  Check out the picture below.  I used the book You Can Do It to go with the football theme and teach important points on character.  That book is always great!
" This Is a No Put Down Zone"

Game Day is also a good book, but a little long.  I usually pull pages from the book to read. 

I also used my football frenzy math center this week and I plan to use it a little bit next week too.  The boys love, love, love this game!!!  I have added this game as a regular to my Daily 5 Math cart.  It is now a class favorite. 

You can grab a copy of this subtraction center at my Teachers Notebook Shop for $2.00.

 Have a great weekend and get ready for lots of posts.  I have two units in the making and lots of character education display ideas to share. 



  1. I just started blogging and came across your blog. I love it! Just bought the h-brothers from your store. My Kg. kids will love this! Can't wait to see your other ideas. Feel free to check out my blog.
    Glitter and Glue