Turkey in Disguise

       Long time no blog!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their families and didn't have to travel too far.  I am dedicating myself to coming up with some cute Christmas ideas.  I have been slacking a bit lately.  I had some devastating news last week.  My mother, who I did the ovarian cancer benefit for was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was taking some time off from blogging (even though I could have still spent hours on the computer) to really visit with family and friends over the holidays.  I have some pictures and a printable from my favorite turkey activity I do with my kiddos.  I'm sure you have heard of this and you may even do it in your own classroom.

          This year was a huge hit!  I had 17 turkeys in disguise brought back to school.  I think the most I have had in the past has been around 10, so this made the judging extra tough.  Here are some pictures of the turkeys I had brought in.  I love the shopping turkey with the coach bag and 50 bucks.  Too cute!!!
This was a tutu turkey.  Her mom is the one who did our Halloween party and also owns Hannahs tutus.
I laughed pretty hard when this one was brought in.  She was so proud because no one would ever find her turkey in this basket of yarn!
A piano turkey!  Who would have thought.  She loves to play piano and I thought this was a pretty cute idea and a first.
      I can't take any credit for this printout I am going to share.  I have had this in a file since I started teaching first grade and I have no clue who I got it from.  Below is a parent letter and turkey graphic that I send home with my kids.  I usually give them about a week to complete the project.  I know it's after Thanksgiving, but maybe you could add it to your fill for next year.  

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