Cafe Conference & Pirate Word Hunt

      I am sitting and blogging  right now when I really should be getting to bed, but I just couldn't resist.  I have two awesome things to blog about.  The most important being the Cafe Conference in Chicago.  I have been so excited about this conference since before school.  My teacher buddy Angie and I are road tripping it up to Chicago to meet The Sisiters.  For all of you who use the Cafe or Daily 5 in your classrooms, get ready because I plan to blog all about the neat stuff I learn when I get back. 

      This week we are reviewing a lot of our Pathways/Vowel Town and I wanted to create a fun and excited word hunt to help my kiddos remember the /ar/ sound, so the pirate treasure hunt was invented.  My kids loved this hunt just as much as the superhero hunt for the h-bothers I did a few weeks ago.  They love, love, loved the treasure maps that they recorded their words on.  They knew when they reached the treasure at the end of the map their hunt was over.

     They did a great job finding all those treasure chests.  I think their ticket into the classroom in the morning will be to read the word on the chocolate coin they select out for my treasure chest. 

     I am selling this activity at my Teachers Notebook Shop for $2.50.  There is also an extension activity Word Lotto Loot game with this that is great for whole group practice with /ar/ words.  I like to use gold coins as the markers. Be sure to check out other goodies I am selling too.  Have a great week!!!!


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