Ovarian Cancer Benefit Sale

I am happy to say that I am officially set up for my sale on Teachers Notebook and am ready to earn money towards a great cause.  All of my items are currently on sale until September 26th and ALL of my earnings will go towards ovarian cancer research and women affected by it.  I just posted my new Treasures Unit 1 Week 3 mini unit and I plan on posting around 2 new centers/units every week while the sale is going on.  Please spread the word and re-post this information on your blog
My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last July and is currently in remission.  I encourage you to take a look at the symptoms that come with ovarian cancer.  Thousands of women are affected by this every year and the best thing you can do is to know the symptoms before it's to late.  You can reach my shop my clicking the icon on the right side of my blog labeled Teachers Notebook Shop. My super cute ovarian cancer graphics came from MarloDee Designs and they were very affordable.  Check out her other clip art awareness packs. 

I just posted this new unit yesterday, so it counts towards the sale!!!!

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  1. My mom was diagnosed last July too. Thankfully she is in remission as well! Hope your mom continues to have good health!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots