Boo-Boo Be Gone Lotion: A Needy Kid Solution

     Everyone always says that every class is different every year and I couldn't agree with that more.  This year I have a great group of kids and pretty much zero behavior problems (yea).  The one thing I have noticed about this group is they are very needy.  They need a band-aide for everything and are constantly needing your help 24-7.  Don't get me wrong I love to help, but only when it's really needed.  I think I have gone through 3 boxes of Band-Aides in the first month of school.  I came to others in my building for solutions and here is what we came up with....BOO-BOO BE GONE LOTION!  It sounds silly, but it works.
     I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some cheap lotion.  I created and laminated a label to go around the lotion bottle and the boo boo lotion was born!  If a child comes to me with a very minor boo-boo I have them go put a little boo-boo be gone lotion on their hurt spot, rather then waste Band-Aides and nurse visits. 

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