Rainbow Fish Fun

I’m sure many of you have used the book Rainbow Fish to teach character education in your classroom.  This has always been a favorite of mine.  We always read the book and fill out the rainbow fish character chart together and discuss what it means to be a good friend and how we will be good friends to each other.  After we finish the chart we create our own rainbow fish and everyone gets a fancy scale (foil).  It is a super easy craft activity because the kids do is tear and glue tissue paper to the already assembled fish.  This make for a great display.  I usually make a sign with the words “A Sea Full of Friends”. 

This year I found one of my new favorite sites.  If you haven’t visited Shari Sloane at Kids Count 1234 you must go there to see her stuff.  I have used lots of her math centers in the past but never found this cute rainbow fish graph activity.  It was perfect for the story and it was a great math lesson. You know me….I love to snack and so do my kids, so it was a hit. 

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