Name Showdown Freebie

Well I officially started school on Wednesday and I am pretty sure the summer off spoiled me.  I came home on Wednesday and was ready for a nice nap.  I can't believe how much energy they take from you.  I have been trying to get on here more often with some good freebies for the start of the year, but my brain is currently on overload at the moment.  Here is a good freebie that you may be able to use a little later in the year.  My kids really like the challenge of this activity and the fact that they get to use their own name. 
Don't forget that my giveaway ends on Friday, so be sure to enter.  There aren't a lot of comments, so your chances are good!   
Here is the example page I use as a model for the kids to get them started.  It comes with the blank one below when you download it.
 Click the image below to download!
Have a wonderful end to the week - Lauren

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