Spot On Addition: Ladybugs

Well I'm pretty happy to say that I finally got my PDF converter figured out and I am pumped!  Get ready for some really great stuff!  I should have both my Pathways Power pack and Food Frenzy done in the next week..  For now here is a cute addition center to hold you over.  All you need is dice, the work page, and a kiddo.  When I first start teaching all the elements of addition some of kiddos still need cubes or counters.  This is a great way to introduce addition and let them practice on their own!


  1. Cool, thanks! I figured out how to upload a document into googledocs, but how do you get it to show the thumbnail?

    When I added one from my blog, I just hyperlinked a word, but I like the thumbnail showing up.

    I'm super-spankin' new at this; I'd appreciate any help!

  2. If you want it to show the picture of your document you can click your document in google docs and then I just right click, save as in my pictures. I upload it just like I would a picture. Hope this makes sense.

  3. Just found your blog through the linky party:) I am now a follower:) Come visit;)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Lauren,
    Thanks for visiting the other day! You have such great ideas! I'm a follower!!