Pathways Power Pack + My New Store

I am happy to say that I finished my very first unit. I also decided to open a Teachers Notebook shop. I’m still going to be posting a lot of freebies on my blog and my shop, so be sure to check out both. I finished my Pathways Power Pack and I must say it is pretty awesome. I have a free activity, Cereal Sound Dots, for you to download. Don't forget to join in my giveaway too. Both of my free giveaway items are for sale in my store, but you get them for free until next Wednesday! See my previous blog post to get your FREEBIES!

The Pathways Power Pack is a mini unit with 8 activities/games to use when teaching Pathways to Reading.   


Mosquito Madness is a very fun activity to review sight words.  All you need is fly swatters, the game, and energetic kids.  This game is a sure win!

 Click the document below for your download!


  1. I purchased the Pathways Power Pack yesterday and I'm so excited to use it! Having fun activities to use makes Pathways seem a bit less intimidating. You are the only blogger that I know of who posts things using Pathways!

  2. When I saw that your Mosquito Madness links to Treasures I had to have it! So cute and will work with my jungle theme so well! Thank you!
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